Broker Solutions

The challenge our broker partners face today is providing technology solutions with an understanding of the available options and market conditions as well as which solutions will bring the greatest value to their clients.

It is our opinion that one solution does not fit all. If that were true, there would not be over 400+ solutions in the HCM marketplace alone. Ask yourself, would you partner with one carrier?  With so many available systems, it is critical to assist your client in finding the best technology solution that aligns with their company goals and strategies. We believe the largest investment an employer makes is in their people, therefore the tools they use to engage their people will be pivotal to their future. With our support, broker partners can differentiate themselves in the marketplace by providing and implementing solutions that deliver great value to your clients through technology.

We will help you with:

  • Developing a Technology Strategy
  • Vendor Relations Management
  • Sales and Marketing Support
  • Service Education and Support
  • Carrier Technology Management
  • Process Development
  • Industry Trends and Education
  • Identify Industry Technology for the Agency Infrastructure

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Benefits Pro #1 Trend in 2016—TECHNOLOGY

Technology is an increasingly important topic in the industry.


“We have access to many technology solutions, but it’s difficult to keep up with our clients’ needs…and it’s difficult keeping our clients up to date on our solutions,” wrote one respondent, who described almost losing one client to a competitor “with a ‘perceived’ better solution.”

EBA Agency Survey 2016


If you are a firm that is progressive and sees the future of technology as well as the importance of providing high value to your client we are a perfect addition to your team!