Why start my own company?  Why technology consulting?  To be quite honest and direct, I love it and there is a need in the market place. Anybody who knows me can attest that I love to dig in and solve problems.  It is not the problem solving that drives me a much as seeing the result of someone or an organization being in a much better place, that is TRULY rewarding. 

I have seen the many changes in the Human Capital Management marketplace, I was in it before it was called the HCM market!  I suspect that before long it will have a new name with all the dynamic changes we are seeing today that are more employee-centric.  I remember when companies did just payroll or HR or a little of both.  Over time they started spreading the product mix into time and attendance, recruiting, and employee self-service.  I remember when Ultimate was just a software company and then became one of the top SaaS companies with the push of solutions moving to the cloud.  This might really age me but I remember when the discussion was just ADP, Ceridian, and Paychex in Employer services.  There was no overlap with SAP, Oracle, or another ERP.  You were in-house or outsourcing.  Then the BIG push; integration, larger suite of solutions, employee engagement, mobile, onboarding, data analytics, talent.  WOW, that little trip down memory lane really reminds me how much has truly changed and it is moving so quickly!

There are over 400 HCM application in the marketplace today.  The market is experiencing unprecedented growth and changes with prediction that this $13 Billion industry will grow to $19 billion by 2021.  The challenge is for employers to find the best solution for their business and for employees to feel connected to their organizations.  It is scary to go out on your own but I truly believe RevTech can help organizations and our partners navigate this vast and complex marketplace to make a difference!


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